4 Tips for Effective Skincare

Skincare is everyone’s game, from the most experienced dermatologist to the newcomers to skincare. It’s always a good time to check in on your routine’s results and update when needed. With age, skincare may need to be different, and healthcare on all fronts becomes an essential investment. You’ll need to combine a good routine, products, and services like facials or skin rejuvenation.

Now, here is the thing. To improve your skincare program, you will need to monitor it, so take pictures from the very beginning to make sure you’re on the right track. That way, if anything changes, you will be able to keep track of new introductions to your skincare that are affecting you differently. It is easier to keep up with your routines in the same vein when you have a partner to keep you accountable. That’s the real secret to healthy skin- a regular skincare routine.


Pay Attention to Your Neck

Having a clean, well taken care of face is a dream, but your neck and décolletage are also affected by time, so you need to take care of them too. And that includes skincare routines, sunscreen, and any other actions you take for your skin, like exfoliation. At least that way, you don’t have to be self-conscious about your skin.


Always Drink Water

 Remember, your skin is the largest organ on your body. Taking care of it is, therefore, both an inside and outside job. Topical care can only do so much. Here’s the thing, though. There is such a thing as too much water and too little. You’ll need to find the sweet spot for your body, and the rule of thumb, according to WebMD, is to use your current weight to determine how much water you should be drinking. Try to aim for at least a one-ounce glass for every pound of weight. That means, if you weigh, say, 160 pounds, you should drink about 80-160 ounces a day. Easy, right?


Prioritize Exfoliation in Your Routine

Every day, your skin sheds dead cells in a rejuvenating process of regrowth. In this process, your skin secretes a natural oil called sebum and acids through other secretions like sweat to make up the skin mantle. This works as a barrier to protect you from viruses, bacteria, and other forms of contamination. Regular exfoliation helps this process along by improving the blood flow on your face and body and helping you maintain the mantle, and remove any excess secretions.


Don’t Miss a Day of Sunscreen

A common misconception is that sunscreen is only important when the sun is out on full blast or even just on a day at the beach. But here’s the thing- it protects you from UV rays, which are always present, whether a sunny day or cloudy day. Sunscreen use, however, should be different based on location and weather. Las Vegas, for example, is usually dry and arid weather, so the skin takes quite a beating. The skin Protection factor should be at least 35 and a higher SPF of 50.


Reach Out to the Skin Experts Today

At Touch Up Laser, you are always welcome for a consultation. We can help you discover your personal skincare needs. Reach out to us at https://touchuplaser.com/treatments/skin-rejuvenation/, and let’s get your skin taken care of.

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