For anyone under the age of sixteen, they need the consent of a parent or guardian before they can get laser hair removal in Las Vegas. Any consultant laser technician will ask you for proof of age if it is necessary to do so. Other than that, any adult age is fine to have laser hair removal done. Here are five reasons why college is the best time to get laser treatment for permanent hair removal.


1.    If you want to have laser hair removal in Las Vegas to treat areas where the amount of hair growth will change with the onset or continuation of puberty, such as the bikini area or under the arms, you have to wait until hair development has stopped in these areas.  Your laser hair removal aesthetician will advise anyone who is still experiencing physical changes to wait until their physical and hormonal changes have finished before they recommend treatment. This is why college is the best time to utilize a laser procedure.


2.    All the time you spend indoors studying makes your untanned skin the perfect canvas for effective laser hair removal in Las Vegas. The pigment in your hair has not yet begun to turn grey, so the laser has the ideal color to target. Untanned skin and darkly pigmented hair with no grey are the two most essential criteria for laser hair removal.


3.    The earlier in your adult life that you have laser hair removal in Las Vegas treatments, the longer you have to enjoy the flawless results. Packing for Spring Break becomes that much more convenient when all you have to remember is a toothbrush. You can hit the beach running without an awkward stop off at the showers first.


4.    It is once again possible to regain that spontaneity and spur of the moment decision making when shaving takes a backseat. Hiking, camping, and weekends away are activities that won’t require you to stuff your backpack with soaps, creams, and razors. Three to ten treatments for laser hair removal in Las Vegas and your free time expands to less time in the shower and more time having fun.


5.    Because there are up to four weeks between each laser treatment, you can save up your monthly allowance to have it done. This is a small financial price to pay now, considering the money you will save on fancy razors, waxing, and depilatory creams now and in the future. And have you noticed how the price of the latest razor blades always increase every year? It doesn’t matter how many extra blades or moisturizing strips they have. They are still not worth the price of a meal.


Save Time, Effort, and Money in the Long Term

Your college years will probably be some of the best of your life. Don’t waste a minute more of your precious time shaving and dealing with razor cuts and nicks; book laser hair removal in Las Vegas today.

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