7 Most Common Laser Hair Removal Myths And Why They’re Inaccurate

Hair is an essential part of our bodies. It follows the saying we can’t live with it but we can’t live without it. There are a number of methods that have been invented to get rid of hair with the age-old shaver being at the top of the list. We use the blade on facial hair and body hair even though it gives rise to bumps, rashes, and cuts. There are also ways like waxing which is brutally painful not to mention destructive and depilatory creams which are known to cause dermatitis and pigmentation. But is there no safe way to get rid of hair? Las Vegas laser hair removal clinics came to change the scope of things on the hair removal scene. Yet it has a lot of myths that surround it that keep people off. We are here to dispel those myths.

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Using Laser Hair Removal will Ruin You Financially

Perhaps the most common myth about the laser removal process is that you’ll basically need to go broke to afford it. Laser hair removal (LHR) has faced bad rap of being pretty expensive to get. This is probably from the one session equated to other hair removal sessions like waxing or threading. One thing that people don’t note is that LHR is a more permanent solution to excessive hair growth while the other hair removal methods are only for a short duration of time. That means once you have undergone your recommended number of sessions you will not have to go anymore. So while LHR might be more expensive in the short run, other hair removal methods are more expensive in the long run.

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Laser Hair Removal Aggravates Hair Growth

There is another misconception that LHR promotes hair growth making you have more hair than you used to have. Here is the truth. Your dermatologist targets hair that is in its active stage of growth. That means you have hair that is dormant till it reaches its active stage. You will have to have a number of sessions across 18-24 months in order to get all the hair in its active stage. Note that hair in different parts of your body grows in different stages. That means you will have these sessions at different times.

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Laser Hair Removal is Dangerous

Well, so is crossing the road. But we all do it at one point. But seriously, lasers are just like blades; which means they are dangerous in the wrong hands. But when it comes to danger related to quality understand that the FDA has approved particular machines for human use. And so it is paramount to have certified dermatologists who use these approved machines.

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You Only Need One LHR Session to End your Trouble

Laser hair removal is sadly not that fabled magic wand that makes your hair disappear. It actually targets hair in its active stage and periodically cuts it. Hair grows at different stages and so is cut at different times as it matures. That means you will have more than one session with each lasting between 6-10 weeks.

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LHR is Excruciating

There is a misconception that LHR is like having your hair pulled out one by one. That is not true. Laser hair removal might be uncomfortable, but it is a very small percent of the pain experienced when waxing. Desensitizing creams and cooling machines are also used to make the process even more comfortable. Contact your preferred dermatologist in Las Vegas at https://touchuplaser.com/treatments/laser-hair-removal/ for the best treatment in town.