Best Museums to Visit While In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its gambling casinos and nightclubs, but it even has more attractions than that. There are so many museums to visit that it won’t be possible to go through each and one of them if you’re in town for only a couple of days. Not everyone is into the nightlife and you might be looking for something more laidback for an excursion. You can learn a lot about a place and the people through visiting the museums. Here are some of the museums that you should definitely check out while in Las Vegas.

Make Education Fun

Whether you’re planning a school trip or a vacation, Vegas gives you great options for mixing entertainment with education. Check out some of the top rated and most interesting museums in Las Vegas on your next trip. 

The Neon Museum

This museum also goes by the name Neon Graveyard.  The museum is all about paying homage to the rich history of signage which is popular with the hotels in Las Vegas. Inside the museums, you’ll find all sorts of signs ranging from pharmacies to casinos. It is definitely a place you’ll want to visit if you like bright colors and a lot of light.

Spring Preserve

If you love the outdoors then you should stop by the Spring Preserve. It is a 180-acre site which is home to museums and a walking trail. You can also find Desert Sol which was the 2013 winner for U.S Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The Spring Preserve hosts a couple of events which are carried out throughout the year.

The Mob Museum

Organized crime has been part of Las Vegas for decades. Even though there are still underground criminal mobs, they are not as prevalent compared to 50 years ago. If you enjoy crime and drama then you will want to check out the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. There is no other museum of its kind in the entire United States. The museum has the chronology of the relationship between gangsters and G-men. It has also has a history of the downfall of the organization, which no would have thought possible to penetrate.  The ticket prices start at $23 but there is a discount for senior citizens and students. There are also guided and audio tours offered by the Mob Museum.

Hollywood Car Museum

For a car enthusiast, a visit to Las Vegas will not be complete without visiting the Hollywood Car museum. It is convenient if you’re staying on the strip. It has a massive collection of stunt cars and hot tub limos. The Bugs Bunny Car is one of the most popular vehicles on display. There is even the Delorean from Back to the Future. Adults pay a $20 admission fee while kids under the age of 16 can get in free.

Bodies: The Exhibition

This is the museum for the dark tourist. A museum full of organs might be too gruesome for some people. Here, there are different body exhibits that demonstrate different functions. It is definitely a place you’d want to be if you want to know more about anatomy.