Best Parks In Las Vegas

If you happen to be visiting Las Vegas, you’ll want to know the parks you can visit. You can feel the vibe and energy of a city when you take a tour of their parks. Las Vegas is one of the few places with an abundance of wildlife in their parks. There are a variety of creatures you could spot in the different parks. Some of these creatures include bighorn sheep, lizards, burros, peacocks, among others. Here you will find parks that you should definitely check out while in Las Vegas.

Exploring The Greenest Locations In Vegas

If you’ve got some down time on your next trip to Las Vegas, make sure to check out some of the city’s beautiful park areas. Although known best for their nightlife and gambling, Las Vegas has some great parks in the area that are perfect for family outings or when you want to get back to nature. 

Floyd Lamb Park

The Floyd Lamb Park is located at Tule Springs and offers a welcome relief from the desert heat. The several ponds that can be found in the park offer support for various wild animals. You can find a wide variety of birds. Fishing in the ponds is allowed so long as you have a valid license. You should be more careful when you have little kids around as the big birds can become a nuisance sometimes. There are several paths and picnic tables all around which makes the perfect spot for a fun family day.  You can also tag your dog along for an enjoyable afternoon.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

This park can be termed as a small oasis from the Mojave Desert. If you look at the history of native America, natural springs have always been a big attraction and there have been territorial wars because of them. There are some historical buildings located in the ranch with some dating to as early as the 1860s. There are hiking trails if you’re looking to keep fit. Picnic spots can also be found at different places in the park. There is a red, one-story ranch house which is the epicenter of the State Park. The interior has been meticulously preserved and is one of the main attractions for people visiting the park.

Gardens Park

Gardens Park is located at the heart of Summerlin which is an area that is synonymous with parks. It is centrally located which means you can access different amenities without a problem.  There is a basketball court, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and a lot more. With the abundance of parks in Summerlin, Gardens Park is the one that is most easily accessible.

Clark County Wetland Parks

This park is located between Lake Mead and Las Vegas. It mostly uses reclaimed water from the urban area. The park has over 200 species of birds which will be welcoming if you loved watching different birds. Other than wildlife diversity, the park also has a 13-mile hiking trail if you’re into extreme adventures.

Spring Reserve

This park is located only a few miles from Las Vegas. The Reserve is dedicated to preserving green living in a desert setting. There are 110 acres of displayed garden. There is something for everyone in Las Vegas.