Cellulite Reduction in Las Vegas

Searching for effective cellulite treatment? Your search ends here. Anti-cellulite creams have been making wild claims for years, but the best cellulite reduction in Las Vegas is available at the exclusive Touch Up Laser Spa. The reason it’s so successful is that it uses an FDA-approved procedure that begins to yield results in as little as one month. Read on to find out everything you need to know about effective cellulite reduction in Las Vegas.

What Is Cellulite?

Before you make your appointment for cellulite reduction in Las Vegas, you might want to know a bit more about it. Around 90 percent of women in the Western world have cellulite. It’s a relatively recent physical characteristic that made its appearance in the last 70 years or so. 


It wasn’t a big deal before then as fat buildup around the hips and thighs was largely dimple-free. Because of changes in our diet, cellulite can build up underneath the skin. Between the skin and the layer of fat, or adipose tissue, are little strings called septae. They function like the buttons on a couch or mattress by adhering the skin to the fat layer. 


Cellulite problems happen when the fat pushes up and around the septae. This is what causes the dimples of cellulite that look like an overstuffed mattress. It’s also linked to the presence of estrogen, which is why people with female characteristics are prone to cellulite formation. Estrogen also causes the skin layer to become thinner, leading to more cellulite.

Cellulite Reduction in Las Vegas

The good news is that there are cellulite reduction treatments in Las Vegas that work. Although you’ll need to maintain the results with a change in diet and regular exercise, you can see significant improvements with this treatment. Often that’s the only motivation a person needs to help them make a few lifestyle changes.


One of the most effective treatments for cellulite is laser sessions. Anti-cellulite treatments can be implemented in two ways: 


  • FDA-approved laser treatments that cut the septae and disperse the fat layer 


  • Cellulite reduction treatments using non-laser technology


Both treatments should only be done by a qualified beauty and aesthetics technician or doctor.


The equipment can use anti-cellulite non-invasive procedures such as radio waves and high-intensity soundwaves that break up the fat deposits.


If the laser treatment is preferred, alternate anti-cellulite methods are often recommended post-operatively.


The reason cellulite reduction in Las Vegas is so popular is that the results speak for themselves.


Over 50 percent of clients report having their cellulite disappear, and the balance of clients experience a significant reduction in the appearance and area where cellulite is found on the body.


The results are dependent on successfully completing the course of treatments. The client must also qualify as a suitable candidate for the cellulite reduction sessions.



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