Things to do in Henderson NV in 2020

One of the greatest areas to live inside of Henderson, Nevada is Whitney Ranch. Whitney Ranch is a neighborhood of about 19,500 people in Clark county. According to, the overall rating of the Niche is A-, which by any standard is a pretty high grade. The public schools are doing well and there is plenty of diversity for people to move around and meet different people and grow.

Inside of Whitney, you have plenty of coffee shops and parks to choose from. This is one of their main attractions to young people and families interested in social interaction and free fun. It has been recorded that the young people moving into Whitney Ranch have moderate political views which makes the area a little more peaceful than other areas, especially down south. The nightlife is also above average so this makes it the perfect place for peaceful young couple who enjoy going out and having a good time.

There are dozens of things to do out in Whitney. You can take a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour and view the vastness of one of the largest geological structures of all time. This is something that everyone should do at least once and it is conveniently priced at $380 per adult. For the experience, you can not ever beat that price. You can also view the amazing Hoover Dam Tour with Lake Mead cruise for a fun time in the sun. This $110 expedition also you to sale the lake and enjoy the beauty of the deep blue with family and friends while you marvel at the lovely terrain off in the distance. If you are an animal lover, then you would love the Lion Habitat Ranch for only $26. Lions are the King of the Jungle and are always a testament to the beauty that nature can create.

The weather in Whitney has ranked as an A+ so along with the diversity, these are the highest-ranking areas in the calculation making the overall grade an A-. This means that you will have beautiful weather for many days out of the year and you will be surrounded by a diverse

Whitney is an amazing place where you can enjoy so many different things as a resident and as a tourist interested in taking their lives to a new level of outdoor adventure

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