How Laser Hair Removal Actually Work And The Types Of Lasers Used

How Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work

Most people are really fascinated when they first hear of the laser hair removal treatment. They think of all the time spent shaving and wonder why they never knew of this hair removal method earlier. Las Vegas laser hair removal is gaining popularity and is quickly becoming a trend. But do you know how this process works? This article is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of how the laser hair removal process works.


Laser Treatment Results Based On Hair Growth

To understand how the laser hair removal treatment prevents hair growth, you first need to know how the hair itself grows.

Stages Of Hair Growth


The Anagen

This is the active hair growth stage. When in anagen, the bulb (bottom of the hair follicle) is locked together with the dermis, and blood is supplied via the active dermal papilla.


The Catagen

This is when the hair follicle starts aging and then finally dies. This is also known as the transition stage.


The Telogen

This is the stage when the remains of the bulb are inactive and the hair falls off. This is also called the resting phase.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work

The light rays in the laser beam are converted into heat. This is what makes the laser hair removal method work. The pigment in the hair attracts the light. That is why laser hair removal treatment works perfectly for those with dark hair. This pigment then converts this light into heat energy. It is this heat energy that affects the hair follicle and prevents hair growth. To cause damage to the hair follicle, the bulb is targeted, thereby preventing the supply of blood and oxygen to the hair. The cells which also allow for hair regeneration are destroyed. All these are achieved by the heat energy from the laser light. The darker your hair is, the lighter your pigment will absorb. As a result of this, waxing or plucking your hair before applying the laser hair treatment is not advisable.


This is a brief explanation of how the laser hair removal treatment works. Now, let’s talk about the types of lasers used in laser hair treatments.


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Types of Lasers Used In Laser Hair Removal Treatment


The Candela GentleLace is a powerful laser and can handle large areas at a time. With Candela GentleLace, you can remove hairs from wide areas in shorter periods. This type of laser is good for every type of skin, and it leaves the skin in good condition after treatment. The Alexandrite laser and the Nd: YAG laser are used in the candela GentleLace for maximum results.


The diode laser possesses a long wavelength that allows it to penetrate deep into the skin. This laser is a good match for those with darker skin as their skin has more pigment and will require a lot more rays than light-skinned people. This laser is not best for light skin hair removal. It is the perfect laser for dark hair types.


This is among the original laser machines before the invention of modern machines. The ruby laser is a master destroyer of hair follicles. This type of laser is only suitable for dark skin, and it has some risk associated with it due to its ultimate power.