Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light to remove hair from different parts of the body. Many people prefer this method because the results are long-lasting. It is recommended to look for the best laser hair removal service near you to get the treatment as it can have some side effects. If done right and with proper precautions, laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways of hair removal.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal targets the pigment in individual hairs using light. The light of the laser travels down the hair shaft and into the follicle. The heat from the light destroys the follicle so that hair can no longer grow from it. You may have to go for several sittings over two to three months to get rid of hair using this procedure.  

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Lasers help remove unwanted hair from the leg, chin, face, arm, underarm, back, and bikini line. Hair removal using lasers has many benefits like: 

  • Precision – Lasers can catch coarse hair and remove it without damaging the skin. 
  • Speed – Lasers can treat many hairs at the same time. They remove hair from small areas like the upper lip within a minute. 
  • Predictability – Most individuals who take this treatment will lose unwanted hair permanently after three to seven sittings on average. 

Risks Involved

While laser treatment for hair removal has many benefits, it involves a few risks too. These vary based on skin color, skin and hair type, and pre and post-care. Some of the common risks include: 

  • Irritation of the skin– You may notice temporary redness and swelling after a laser hair removal session. These symptoms will usually disappear within a few hours.
  • Pigment changes – Sometimes, lasers can darken or lighten the affected skin and its surrounding areas. These changes in the pigmentation can be permanent or temporary, depending on pre and post-treatment care.  
  • Other effects – In some rare cases, laser hair removal can cause scarring, crusting, blistering of the skin, graying of treated hair, or excessive hair growth.  

How To Prepare For A Laser Hair Removal Session

Only trained individuals should provide laser hair removal. There are many precautions to follow before taking this treatment. Some of these are:

  • Discuss your medical history with the hair removal technician. This includes medication use, skin disorders you may have, and any hair removal procedures you have tried in the past. 
  • Limit waxing, plucking, and electrolysis for six weeks before the laser treatment. 
  • Avoid exposure to the sun for up to six weeks before and after treatment. 

While laser hair removal has both benefits and risks, the benefits outweigh the risks if you get the procedure done at the right place and take all the necessary precautions. https://touchuplaser.com/ offers safe laser hair removal treatments that leave the skin feeling soft to the touch. Contact us to know more about our services.

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