Laser Hair Removal Side Effects: Everything You Should Know

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects: Everything You Should Know

While laser hair removal is the best method for quickly and precisely removing your hair from any part of your body, the process also has myriads of side effects worthy of knowing. Like other laser hair removal professionals, the best laser hair removal Las Vegas experts bring you an ultimate guide to help understand everything there is to know about laser hair removal and its side effects.

Defining laser hair removal

As a highly essential medical procedure, laser hair removal refers to a process that uses highly extensive and concentrated beams of light {Lasers} to remove unwanted hair from different parts of your body. The method also removes hair by exposing it to light pulses that work by destroying your hair follicles. Hair laser removal also coined its way and popularity between 1995 and 1996 but is becoming more popular and essential daily.

How does the process work?

While there are many light-based medical procedures for removing hair, laser removal is the best method for a good reason. During the process, bright flashes of lasers {Lights} emit into your unwanted hair. Light penetrates through your skin to selectively target the hair follicles and Melanin around and within the part of your body, removing the hair. Your skin pigment {Melanin} absorbs the emitted and penetrated lights which destroy and kills the hair follicles and the hair surrounding it. However, the effectiveness of your Melanin’s ability to absorb the lasers depends upon your skin’s elasticity at that part and other factors, including the number of lasers released and more. Also, based on the number of laser lights emitted, the process can remove a considerable amount of hairs and destroy myriads of follicles simultaneously.
Additionally, you need multiple process sessions, especially targeting hair follicles based on your hair’s growth state. Also, depending on your health status and the condition of your hair, such as type, you need between four to six treatments for permanent removal and better results.

Laser hair removal side effects

While the procedure is essential in preventing the growth of hairs in unwanted body parts for aesthetic and other reasons, some of its side effects to keep an eye on include:

Redness and irritation

Because you damage your hair follicles during the process, your body reacts to the laser lights, which usually lead to irritation and redness around the operational area. At the same time, you’ll feel skin tenderness or tingling. There is also swelling based on the number of laser lasers and the amount of skin pigment the area contains. However, unlike other side effects of other medical procedures, redness and irritation are short-lived.


Skin crusting refers to a condition by which your skin dries on its surface. The process happens due to dried serum, blood, and pus, or a combination of both. You’ll also usually see skin crusting as signs of certain diseases, especially those spread by bacteria that cause exudation and wounds or ulcers. Skin crusting occurs in the affected area during laser hair removal, especially where a considerable amount of light is exposed. You’ll identify signs of skin crusting when you find your skin scabbing and scarring.

Skin color changes and risk of infections

Besides irritation, redness, and skin crusting, laser hair removal also causes skin color changes. You might become darker or lighter at the site of removal based on the amount of laser exposed and the amount of Melanin during the procedure. At the same time, your skin risks infections, including irritation, because laser lights damage the follicles and lead to the production of pus and other infection-related symptoms.
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