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Laser hair Removal Las Vegas

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TouchUp Laser is the finest intimate Spa in Las Vegas, specializing in Laser Hair Removal for men and women. TouchUp Laser was started with the simple vision of providing high quality  laser treatments at affordable prices.

We are all dedicated and passionate aestheticians with one crystal clear goal: to make customers happy. We are big believers in technology, best practices and ultimately do not want to waste anyone’s time

TouchUp Laser was created to provide an exceptional med spa experience for men and women. We achieve this by creating a unique facility where quality and satisfaction are the main priority. The staff at TouchUp Laser are dedicated, passionate Aestheticians. We offer a full range of med spa services tailored to meet your specific needs.


How Is Painless Hair Removal Possible?

Laser technology has drastically evolved over the years. At our clinic we use the most advanced technology, meaning it is fast, safe, and efficient. Painless is just another one of the perks when you visit us. Outdated technology is most likely to burn the surrounding skin, missing the follicle, which can cause damage as well as pain. Using outdated technology also means you will need more treatments. So if you visit us you will experience less pain and less treatments will be necessary.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

At our clinic we believe in being upfront to our customers about our prices. The pricing of laser hair removal depending on how much area you need covered, which we can discuss at your consultation. We also offer financing options, so you never have to worry about cost when you visit us. The cost of traditional hair removal methods adds up to more than laser hair removal, so the overall cost of our treatment vs the overall cost of traditional methods is always going to come out with laser hair removal on top.

What Areas of My Body Can I Treat with Laser Hair Removal?

Virtually any area of the body can be treated. Anyone looking to reduce facial hair can benefit, as well as people looking for larger areas such as the arms, chest, back, or legs. Even people wanting to remove hair from around the genitals can be treated safely and effectively. Whatever your reasons and wherever you want the hair removed from, we can help.

This treatment is great for anywhere on your body, but especially for areas that are hard to reach. Men and women who want their back hair removed no longer have to ask their significant other to shave or wax for them, because now they can visit our clinic and experience hassle-free hair removal that is convenient, confidential, and easy.

Will I Need Numbing Cream for My Laser Hair Removal?

No numbing cream is necessary! The laser we use is advanced enough that the pain felt is entirely benign, so you won’t need to undergo any numbing cream, needles, or other forms of anesthesia to have your unwanted hair removed. Less painful than waxing and tweezing, and more efficient than shaving, laser hair removal really is the best of all worlds.

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