Little Known Attractions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that gets over 40 million tourists every year. A lot of people only visit Las Vegas because of the casinos and the nightlife, but there is a lot more to see in the city that never sleeps. There alternatives to the slot machines which are more attractive and won’t leave a hole in your pocket. Here are some of the attractions that you should check out if you happen to be visiting Las Vegas.

Explore The Unexplored

Despite the size and repute of Las Vegas, there are still a ton of attractions and interesting areas that are less widely known or less commonly explored than others. In fact, most travelers come for the gambling and the nightlife and don’t stop to think about the museums, natural parks and attractions, or the family friendly events that they might be missing out on. Here are some of the lesser known places in Las Vegas that you should check out on your next trip. 

Hoover Dam

It is not easy to imagine life in Las Vegas without the Hoover Dam. Most of the casinos used to depend on the dam for power. There is still a small portion of power being supplied to casinos even today. Before Las Vegas was what it is today, the boulder could attract workers in the thousands. It one was one of the biggest employers in the region. The dam is around a 30-minute drive from the city.

Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains is just 15 minutes away from Las Vegas. It is installed in the Mojave Desert and consists of seven rock towers. It is a creative expression of the human experience of the harsh desert conditions. Getting there can be a little bit challenging. Make sure to ask the exact directions when leaving town if you’re using a rented vehicle.

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area

If you want to experience snow in Las Vegas, then there is no other place to be other than the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. Temperatures in the park could run up to 20 degrees cooler than the other parts of Las Vegas. It can be a great place to escape the scorching Las Vegas heat which can be unbearable during the summer period. It is also the only place in Nevada where you will get bristlecone pines, which is one of the oldest life forms.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

If you like the outdoors, Red Rock Canyon will be an attractive proposition. There is hiking, rock-climbing, mountain-biking, bouldering, and wildlife watching. Visitors can easily access the trailheads from the scenic driving loop. You can set a campsite site too although there is a limit on the availability. Make sure you book in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

Lake Las Vegas

This is a recreational hotspot that is synonymous with all kinds of water activities. It is also an attraction for golfers because there are three different courses surrounding the lake. You can rent a kayak or paddleboard if you’re into water sports. The golf courses around have been ranked as some of the best in the country.

To sum it up, there is a lot to Las Vegas other than gambling. You can still go out of town if you’re looking for fun activities that don’t involve bright lights and dice.