Paradise, Nevada

Contrary to popular belief, the Las Vegas Strip is not within the city limits of Las Vegas, but in Paradise, an unincorporated township in Clark County in the state of Nevada. Since Paradise is a census-designated place, it doesn’t have a municipal government, and all government functions and services for the area are carried out by Clark County.


Within the boundaries of Paradise is McCarran International Airport, the main campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and many casinos and hotels. And within fifteen miles of Paradise are Las Vegas (also part of Clark County), Henderson, Whitney, Winchester, Spring Valley, Henderson, and Sunrise Manor.



Paradise started as a four-square-mile strip of land. Over time, the city’s geographical area expanded to 54 square miles—and like many other areas around Las Vegas, Paradise owes its existence to gambling.


Paradise was developed as a separate unincorporated township so that the casinos that were built in this area don’t have to pay taxes to the city of Las Vegas. The casinos generate enough income for the businesses to pay for the public services out of pocket. One example of this arrangement was the establishment of private security instead of a police service.


Today, Paradise is a densely populated metropolitan area with the most tourist attractions in the greater Las Vegas area.


How to Spend Your Time in Paradise

There are hundreds of things to do in Paradise, but most people spend their time checking out the casinos on the Strip. When planning your trip to Paradise, do some research to ensure that you make the most of your time in the city.

If you are only in Paradise for a few days, don’t try to squeeze everything in—you’ll run yourself ragged. Stick to the must-see attractions like Caesar’s Palace, and the Bellagio, Venetian, or Cosmopolitan.

Many people who know the area suggest that visitors should set one night aside for dinner and a show. For the rest of your stay, try to stick to the mid-Strip area, as you can see the sights and spend some time casino-hopping without having to waste a lot of time in transit.


Top Paradise Attractions


If you want to take a break from gambling or wish to explore a bit more that Paradise has to offer, there are several world-famous attractions you can visit. The top Paradise attractions include:

    The High Roller at the LINQ Promenade

    The Shark Reef Aquarium

    The Eiffel Tower Experience

    The Bellagio Fountain Show

    The Titanic Artifact Exhibition

    The “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign near the McCarran International Airport

There are many more attractions, but the ones listed above are among the most popular. You most probably will not have to spend a lot of time at these attractions. For example, many tourists only visit the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to take a selfie.


Where to Eat in Paradise


When choosing a restaurant in Paradise, you may be forgiven for feeling slightly overwhelmed. If you don’t want to overspend but enjoy innovative dishes and an unforgettable dining experience, make a reservation at Guy Savoy, Twist, Ramsey, or Alize.

There are hundreds of restaurants, and chances are you won’t have to look further than your hotel for an exceptional dining experience.


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