Lessen your age spots

Skin Lightening

If you feel that age spots are telling people you’re past your prime, you may be able to fade those spots significantly. Sometimes, you can even get rid of them. Before you treat age spots, however, you should know a few facts. These facts can protect your health and help you to get the best results.

Many treatment options are available for age spots You’ll find 2 types of treatment for age spots:

  • Creams and lotions
  • Procedures

Procedures, which include laser therapy and chemical peels, tend to work faster. Procedures also cost more and have a higher risk of causing side effects. Creams and lotions, however, require discipline. To see results, you have to apply a cream or lotion once or twice a day for weeks or months.

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Laser Treatment — Procedure

One or 2 laser treatments can treat age spots quickly, and you’ll likely have longer-lasting results than with a skin-lightening cream.

Lasers can also cause some side effects, such as crusting or temporary darkening of age spots, which you won’t get with creams. These side effects tend to fade quickly. Laser skin lightening uses advanced laser light  therapy, to treat surface pigmentation problems like age spots, liver spots, melasma, chloasma, hyperpigmentation, uneven dark skin and more.

The light energy from the laser is targeted towards the melanin in your skin and it literally absorbs the heat. By this process, the pigmentation is eliminated from your skin.

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Melanin initially turns darker and forms a thin, dark layer on the skin. After one or two weeks the darkened pigmentation layer flakes away leaving just a small trace of the original mark. The skin will then continue to renew itself and the blemish/discoloration soon disappears.

Laser therapy for skin leaves you with a natural rose color. In addition, it also produces an increase in collagen, and can help to tighten the skin in the area treated.

Sun protection is essential after treating age spots

No matter which treatment you choose, it’s important to know that age spots can return. You can prevent this by protecting your skin from the sun. To get the protection you need, you must apply sunscreen every day before you go outside. Not just any sunscreen will do. You need a sunscreen that offers:

  • Broad-spectrum protection
  • SPF 30 or higher
  • Water resistance

Covering your skin with clothing can also protect your skin. Any skin that clothing won’t cover, however, needs sunscreen.

We always recommend you see your dermatologist before treating any age spots.