What is Skin Rejuvenation?

We all have certain areas of our body that we are not happy with, but some of us suffer from insecurities due to the normal aging process wrinkles, age spots, skin laxity, acne scars or stretch marks. They appear over time and often make us feel uncomfortable with our appearance, if you can relate, then it’s time to consider skin rejuvenation. 

Acne, for example often causes dimpled pockmarked scars that forces us to wear makeup every day. You have probably tried all those skin rejuvenation lotions and potions on the market that promise to smooth your skin, but by now you must know very well that they don’t really work. To experience real skin rejuvenation, you have to invest in a treatment that really works, and that treatment is radio frequency.

stimulate collagen production

Skin Rejuvenation & Radio Frequency

A proven skin rejuvenation method, radio frequency works by harnessing the power of radiofrequency energy to transform your skin. Radio frequency delivers heat energy deep into your skin that prompt your skins natural process to produce more, healthy collagen as well as stimulate new tissue growth. During the healing process, new skin cells form with the elasticity, brightness, and even out tone and texture.

There are no ill side effects associated with radio frequency and no downtime. It is also a completely non-invasive, non-surgical procedure. Overall, radio frequency is a skin rejuvenation treatment that is able to improve the state of your skin, leaving you with smooth and younger looking skin. At Touchup Laser Las Vegas, our expert aestheticians treat your skin to reduce imperfections and enhance its natural tone. Drop by for a free consultation.

Skin Rejuvenation and Scars

For skin rejuvenation and scars, radio frequency can work wonders. Scars are formed when the deep layers of your skin are damaged. Our bodies will kick into gear when this damage occurs and start the healing process. Skin produces collagen to heal the area, but often this collagen will cause your skin to have a different quality and texture compared to other areas. Acne scars develop in a similar way. When a blemish ruptures, it causes damage to your pore, which your skin tries to heal with collagen.

Radio frequency is a skin rejuvenation method to treat scarring. During the treatment, your unhealthy collagen will be broken down and trigger the rejuvenation process.

Skin Rejuvenation and Stretch Marks

For complete skin rejuvenation, there’s nothing better than radio frequency. You might not know that stretch marks are also a kind of scar. They develop when your skin stretches or shrinks too quickly, which causes your elastin and collagen to rupture. Most women and men have some sort of stretch marks on their body.

They can show up during puberty and pregnancy as well as when you gain muscle or weight. Radio frequency is the perfect kind of skin rejuvenation method to treat stretch marks. The heat from the radio frequency treatment will break down that old collagen and jump-start your body to begin producing new collagen. This new collagen will then smooth out your stretch marks.

When you are ready to really experience skin rejuvenation, then you must try radio frequency. This skin rejuvenation method has been proven to produce real results. At Touchup Laser Las Vegas we use the most advanced technology on the market.

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Radio Frequency — How It Works

How will my skin after a treatment?

The radio frequency treatment lasts about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the areas being treated. Our skin rejuvenation treatment is the best non-surgical solution to correct signs of skin damage and improves the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, rosacea, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, and uneven skin texture and pigmentation.

This treatment is safe to treat all skin types and ethnicities. Radio frequency will also prompt your skin to begin producing more collagen. This healthy collagen will smooth out your skin as if the scarring was never there in the first place.

Potential Side Effects

Although radio frequency skin rejuvenation has lower cases of side effects than any other cosmetic or alternative methods; there are some things to consider. Common side effect includes mild swelling of the treated area, redness and skin sensitivity.

You have to monitor your treated area carefully especially the first few hours after the treatment to make sure the skin is reacting positively to the treatment. Do not irritate the area too much after as it may cause redness and sensitivity. If you continue to feel the heat sensations, cool the area down with mist, cool compress If you experience swelling, pain or other unusual effects you should contact your clinic immediately as the effects may worsen.

At Touchup Laser we work with extreme care and attention to ensure you are not experiencing any negative effects. We operate gently on the treated area to avoid any unwanted outcomes.

The Best Candidate for Radio Frequency

While we all want smooth and glowing skin, there are a number of skin issues that can significantly benefit from a skin rejuvenation treatment. Some of the most common skin issues include: Sun damage most common is dark spots or red spots.

Pigmentation, often come with age, or freckles for instance. Skin redness or rosacea, wrinkles and face lines. As we mentioned before, skin rejuvenation is not only for your face, we found that patients have chosen to address other areas as well. Are you a good candidate for skin rejuvenation? Well, the fact that you are reading this means you are ready to do something about those skin imperfections that have been bothering you. These are the most common reasons clients choose to go through the skin rejuvenation process:

Uneven skin tone, reducing the appearance of those sunspots or acne scars, improving the appearance of wrinkles, reducing the effects of ageing and choosing an easy, non-invasive solution to make your skin look smoother more youthful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1

How is it possible to eliminate skin imperfections using frequency treatment?

The way it works is by using radio frequency pins that deliver energy through the skin, this creates tiny wounds, which accelerate the natural healing process, your body then forms new and healthy tissue to replace the old scars or marks. This helps restore your skin to a naturally youthful appearance.


Question #2

Is radio frequency painful?

The treatment may be slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. You will feel intense heat, similar to the feeling of sunburn and your skin may look red right after the treatment. For more aggressive treatments, a topical numbing cream may be applied to reduce any discomfort.


Question #3

How much does skin rejuvenation cost?

At our clinic, we believe in being upfront to our customers about our prices. The pricing of skin rejuvenation depends on how much area you need covered, which we can discuss at your consultation. We also offer financing options to Las Vegas residents, so you never have to worry about cost when you visit us.

The cost of alternative methods such as surgery or even lifetime use of makeup adds up to more than radio frequency treatment, so the overall cost of our treatment vs. the overall cost of traditional methods is always going to come out with skin rejuvenation being a more cost-effective choice.


Question #4

How many treatments will I need?

This really depends on several factors, how deep the scar or mark is, what type of skin one has and what is the goal of the treatment the range is pretty wide and can range anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments. Usually, 4 treatments are sufficient at least for noticeable results, the amount of time to wait before one treatment to another is about 4 weeks.


Question #5

What are the signs it is not for me?

Each person’s skin is unique, and it’s important to have your skin assessed by a professional before you choose to proceed with radio frequency treatment. Our professional aestheticians help you choose the best option for your skin type. At Touchup Laser we pride ourselves for using high-end technology to yield the most favorable results.


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