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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Las Vegas

Ever wondered if laser hair removal is the best choice for you? Committing to do it is easy once you’re armed with knowledge. This is an in-depth look at everything you need to know about laser hair removal treatments, and why Las Vegas is one of the best cities in which to do it. 


Not surprisingly, Las Vegas is home to the best entertainers in the world, and most of these performers don’t have time to worry about painful waxing appointments, shaving in the shower, and the smell of depilatory cream. Just as Las Vegas has built up its reputation as the place to have the most fun in the world, it can now claim to offer the best laser hair removal treatments as well. 


So, get ready to take some notes or bookmark this page for later reference, because this article is absolutely everything you need to know about laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas.

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The Reasons Why Las Vegas Became the Laser Hair Treatment Removal Capital of the World

Let’s look more closely into why Las Vegas now stands out as one of the best places to have professional laser hair removal work done. As the demand grew for intensely accurate laser hair removal treatments, the laser technicians in Las Vegas became increasingly expert at removing the hair in tiny, hard-to-reach spots like the nasal labial folds. 


The technicians also learned to remove hair on legs and arms quickly and proficiently, which meant they could cover larger areas in one appointment.


This speed, expertise, and focus was the key reason why laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas began to be whispered about at parties and social media across the country. People from all over the nation began to visit Vegas not only for fun, but also for laser hair removal treatments. 


Because Las Vegas is close to Los Angeles, the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, it made sense for anyone undergoing a procedure in Los Angeles to travel to Las


Vegas afterward for recovery. 


What better way to celebrate a beautiful new body part than to ensure it stays permanently smooth and gorgeous with laser hair removal treatment? This isn’t the only reason why laser hair removal treatments are done in Las Vegas, however.


There are many people of all ages who struggle with hirsuteness, or excessive hairiness, and laser therapy is the safest and most comfortable way of dealing with it. 


The best part is that once the hair is removed, it’s gone forever (after the correct number of appointments). Imagine a life of never having to lay on a technician’s table having your brows painfully waxed or plucked ever again. Laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas open up a whole new world of permanently smooth skin to everyone.



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Things You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Las Vegas 2019

Laser hair removal is a highly technical procedure, and not just anybody can do it. Before you sign up for your treatment package, you need to understand the do’s and don’ts and precautions that go hand-in-hand with getting the most out of your commitment. Any method of permanent hair removal takes time, effort, and money, so it’s best to follow these recommendations to the letter to get the best results.

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laser hair removal under arm Las Vegas NV
Touc up laser lasr vegas hair removal treatments spa
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1. Shave the night before your laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas

Yes, it might seem like a strange thing to have to do, but you need to shave the area that will be undergoing laser treatment about eight hours beforehand. Make sure your razor is not blunt and use adequate amounts of soapy water. 


If your appointment is for the afternoon, shave during an early morning shower. If your appointment is in the morning, shave the night before. The skin needs about eight hours to settle after shaving so that it’s not too sensitive.


2. No Other Treatments Allowed

No waxing, plucking, depilatory creams, or bleach should touch the area about to be treated for three to six weeks beforehand. The laser needs a dark hair nub to focus on during treatment, and if the hair shaft has been bleached or pulled out, there is nothing for it to zone in on. 


Waxed or bleached hairs are not good candidates for laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas. One shave eight hours before an appointment is recommended to get the perfect level of hair sticking out of the follicle.


3. No Sun

No true beauty aficionado tans anymore, but it is so tempting to make an exception to this in sunny Las Vegas, with all of its stunning poolsides. The sun rays in Las Vegas are more potent than most other places to the east. According to the Weather Network, Las Vegas has a significant percentage of very high and even extreme UV forecasts. 


This means they recommend precautions such as SPF 30+, sunglasses, full body cover with clothes, and a hat. 


It also means that if you can’t resist the siren call of the swimming pools at your home or hotel, don’t sun between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you get sunburned, your technician can’t treat you. After your laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas, stay out of the sun altogether.


4. Is Laser Hair Removal Pain-Free?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when someone books a treatment. Everyone responds to the sensation of the laser differently. For example, some liken the feeling to that of being zinged by a small rubber band. 


Others will experience a larger or lesser degree of discomfort. It depends on the thickness of the hair in the treated area. As a very general rule of thumb, the darker your hair, the more discomfort you may experience.


Keep in mind masculine physical characteristics include thicker hair, and feminine physical traits include weaker, thinner hair shafts.


5. Can I Take Pain Precautions Before My Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Las Vegas?

Those of you with female characteristics will experience more sensitivity because your skin is thinner. You can take an anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen before your appointment. 


Your technician will have a numbing cream that they can apply to sensitive areas, but be advised that this may add some time onto your appointment, as the cream takes about 20 minutes to kick in. 


If you are undergoing multiple treatments, your technician will probably recommend that you buy an analgesic cream to apply at home before you arrive. 


Please note that certain times during the menstrual cycle are not conducive to pain management. If your period and laser hair removal appointment coincide, you should consider pain management seriously. 


6. Keep Regular Appointments

Your laser hair removal treatment technician in Las Vegas will set up a course package of approximately one visit every four to eight weeks. This is based on the hair regrowth cycle, so it’s very important not to skip a treatment. 


If you are experiencing scheduling conflicts, your technician will be more than happy to move your appointment’s time and day, just as long as you stick roughly to the schedule she has planned out for you. 


After all the time and effort that you have invested in getting beautiful, smooth skin, it doesn’t make sense to throw it all away because you can’t make one booking. Many people from outside of Las Vegas schedule their laser hair removal treatment for the week they plan to visit if they are regular Las Vegas attendees.


7. How Many Appointments Before I Start to See Results?

You need up to eight sessions to achieve the desired results when you are considering getting laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas. It can be as few as four appointments to get the perfect results for some lucky visitors, but budgeting for eight bookings is the standard per treated area. 


You will begin to see hair reduction from the first session. This inspires visitors to return because these improvements last forever.


8. Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Las Vegas are Quicker Than You Think

If you’re used to the tedious and painful hair removal methods of the past like sugaring, threading, and waxing, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Laser hair removal is quick and easy. Depending on your skin type and the size of the area you want to be treated, your session can be over in a few minutes. 


The technician will have previously checked your skin type and hair growth and will set the laser equipment at the appropriate level of intensity. 


Your eyes will be covered with a pair of shields, your technician will tell you to brace for the treatment, and there will be a quick blast of the laser. Then the area has been treated. If you have requested a larger surface to be lasered, the technician will then move the laser wand onto the next area.


9. Do Laser Hair Treatments Work on Everyone?

There are some hair types and skin types that don’t respond to laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas. Because the thickness and strength of hair changes as we age, the laser hair removal methods available to those with grey or white hair are limited. People with fair or red hair also don’t respond well to laser hair removal.


10. Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Las Vegas Target the Follicle, Not the Hair

Although the hair shaft is the little thing that causes all the trouble, laser hair removal treatments in Las Vegas actually target the hair follicle and not the hair shaft itself. 


So, you leave the salon or clinic with the same amount of hair that you arrived with, but the follicles that allow the shaft to grow have been safely damaged. Even after your first appointment, you will see the hair in the treated area begin to fall out.


 This is because the hair follicle where it could grow thick and strong has been damaged. The hair shaft no longer has access to the nutrients it needs for growth, and it falls out permanently.

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The Best Laser Hair Removal Is One Call Away
Why Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Las Vegas So Popular?

Over 95 percent of clients experience permanent hair removal after a course of treatments at their favorite salon or clinic in Las Vegas. If any hairs are left in the treated area, they are semi-transparent, weak, short, and very fine. 


Once you have attended a consultation that concludes you are a good candidate for laser hair removal and have completed the required number of appointments, you will be guaranteed a smoother, softer, hairless area on your body, and it will stay that way with only the occasional touch-up needed. 


This is because our bodies grow more hair follicles as we age, so intermittent checkups will need to be done to make sure no stray hairs have sprouted. Lasers have become an integral part of the beauty and anti-aging treatment regime for thousands of people. Las Vegas is world-renowned for its highly technical approach to the beauty sector.



Las Vegas beauty technicians rarely encounter an insurmountable aesthetic problem they can’t fix. This is what draws clients from all corners of the world to visit the entertainment capital of the world to receive discrete beauty treatments such as laser hair removal, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and skin rejuvenation. 


Why not take a step toward a smoother, softer skin today and contact the best laser hair removal spa in Las Vegas? You can say goodbye to painful waxing, time-consuming threading, and unsightly hair growth forever. When you think about how much time you have spent in the bathroom over the years plucking, shaving, and waxing, you’ll see the value of making your laser hair removal treatment appointment in Las Vegas today.