Skincare and Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a form of treatment that involves removing hairs by exposing them to laser light that destroys hair follicles. This treatment is commercially available. Are you considering getting laser hair removal in Las Vegas? Then it is important to do a background study before you start the process. There is a tone of care precautions needed for the process to work the right way. 

There are so many advantages of using the laser hair removal method. The most important part of making sure laser hair removal gives the best results is taking extra care of your skin before and during the removal process. Lack of proper skin care practices can cause adverse reactions and undesired results.

How to take care of your skin

Here are some of the best skin care regimens that will guarantee you the best laser treatment returns.


Moisturizing your skin when on laser treatment will help soothe your skin for radiant results. It is recommended that moisturizing be done before and after treatments to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Most people get red bumps after laser treatment: moisturizing helps to soothe and repair the skin quickly. The touch Up Laser spa offers restorative gel that is specifically designed to help repair and soothe your skin better than normal moisturizers.


Exfoliating is recommended as the best way to get rid of dead skin cells that pile up on the skin and cover pores. When pores are covered, the skin cannot regenerate itself—forming new, healthy skin cells is crucial for a young and radiant skin glow. Lack of exfoliation causes skin bumps that do not fade away easily. A buildup of dead skin cells in the form of skin bumps prevents hair from shedding during laser treatment. The dead skin cells can also hinder laser treatment’s effectiveness by creating a barrier for the laser to impact effectively. It is recommended to exfoliate one or two times weekly for the best results.

Sun blocking

The sun is an enemy of laser treatment. It is always a good idea to apply sunblock daily to prevent any adverse reactions from occurring. Long sun exposures can burn up your skin to the point that the laser overheats the body leading to dangerous adverse reactions. If you cannot stay indoors, always use sunblock to keep you free from sunburns and tans that cannot be treated through lasers.

Spray Tanning

Some of the chemicals in tanning products and spray tans do not mix well with laser hair removal. They can result in burns or skin discoloration. It is always advised that you consult with your technician about the products you are using so that they can guide you the right way while getting laser hair removal.

Don’t Miss the Most Important Details

Always ascertain that you are following the guidelines given by your technician or doctor. Make sure you go through pre-and post-treatment care instructions, and you will get the best results from your laser hair removal treatments. Touch Up laser offers the best skin treatments in Las Vegas.

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