The Importance Of Your Hair Growth Cycle For Laser Hair Removal

The hair growth cycle is key to getting the best out of your laser treatment. The best thing is to know about this cycle if you are thinking about laser hair removal Las Vegas treatment. Laser hair removal is an effective hair treatment, it just needs your patience and collaboration. It is advisable not to miss your appointments so the process can be faster and more effective. After you are aware of the cycles, you will know the importance of attending your appointments. 

The Three Stages Of Hair Growth

There are three different stages of hair growth which are the Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phases. These stages are the cause of having to wait so long to remove your hair. It is not advisable to remove hair during catagen and telogen, it is recommended to remove it during the Anagen stage which is the first one.   


The Anagen phase is the beginning phase of the hair cycle. This is the phase when the hair grows more actively. This is the exact moment to remove your hair with laser treatment. The downside is that only 20% of your hair grows in this phase. That is why multiple laser treatments are required. This process is necessary for results to last longer. This phase lasts only a 3-4  months on your body and 5-7 years on the head. The laser destroys the follicle in this phase and it does not grow back. This is also known as the “perfect” stage. 


This is the second phase of the hair cycle. Hair sheds in the Catagen phase. Laser hair removal will not be effective if it is carried out during this phase. The time frame of this phase is three weeks. This phase is also known as a transition phase. Hair starts to appear in different places. It is necessary to wait for the Anagen phase of hair that is currently in this stage. 


This is the third phase of the hair cycle. Hair is resting. There are no changes and it is difficult to know when it is over. Because it is dormant, it can take a few days and even years for hair to grow back. This phase is not effective for laser hair removal. 


Understanding these cycles will help you understand why it is not possible to eliminate all unwanted hair in one session. Several sessions are needed to eliminate all of them. Normally from five to ten stages are needed. The cycles are similar among many people, but remember that each person is different. It is necessary to analyze your hair carefully and create a treatment that adapts to your hair and the length of your cycle. This will guarantee the effectiveness of the laser treatment applied during the Anagen phase. Follow these recommendations and make sure you get the best laser treatment possible. For more related articles and effective treatments visit  Hair laser removal treatment is very effective. Give it a try.