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 There is a certain drudgery that comes with shaving on a regular basis. And let’s face it; no one really likes shaving as a pastime. If you have come to a point of despising constant shaving escapades then it is time to understand Las Vegas hair removal clinics and how they function. This might just give your shaving blades a permanent rest. And what with shaving side effects like ingrown hair, skin irritation, cuts, and abrasions, it is imperative to get a solution outside the conventional blade.

What is Laser Treatment

Underarm laser hair removal is a treatment that gets rid of unwanted hair in your armpits, giving you the freedom to not worry about having unsightly or ingrown hairs ever again. It is preferable over shaving and waxing as it eliminates the need to shave, sometimes daily, and prevents razor bumps and skin irritation as a result. It is also an excellent way of dealing with body odor, which comes about when sweat and bacteria accumulate in the hair in your armpits. Underarm laser hair removal allows for a more permanent solution for the comfort and appearance of your armpits.

What is Arm Laser Hair Removal?

Laser treatment is the use of concentrated light beams to hit hair roots thereby destroying the hair. By destroying the hair at its root (called the follicle) the hair strand is permanently destroyed. The laser beams are made in such a way as to target the dark hair as opposed to light skin. This is to prevent the skin from being targeted by the lasers and getting hurt in the process.

Duration of Treatment

The Laser treatment takes a considerable length of time to completely stop the hair growth in the area of treatment. This is because the treatment is only effective on the hair strands in their active phase of growth. To put this into perspective, only 10% of your hair is in its active stage at any given point in time. Because of this disparity in hair growth the treatment takes between 18 to 24 months to be fully effective. Since hair is growing at different stages on different parts of the body the treatment phases are in part as well with each part taking between 4-10 weeks. Each phase of treatment targets a particular part of the body which is what cumulates to 18 to 24 months. Read more about what to expect from your laser hair removal session.

Types of Lasers Used

Lasers come in a variety of types and are used in slightly varied ways. They come with their pros and cons allowing different people to receive treatment. The forbearer to lasers is called Ruby and was first built in 1960. It is a solid state laser machine which uses a synthetic ruby crystal for gain. It produces a small beam of light making it take a considerable amount of time to cover a treatment area. It is also not sensitive to skin pigmentation as it targets dark hair in the background of light skin. It is a rather limited machine in capability and so has reduced in popularity.



The Alexandrite is an advancement of the Ruby in terms of having a larger beam of light. It is therefore able to complete work at a faster pace by hitting the target area fewer times than the Ruby. The benefit of the Alexandrite is that it is able to work on people with a wide range of skin tones and hair colors while being especially made to target coarse hair.



The Candela Nd:YAG is an advanced innovation with the ability to pick the subtlety of skin and hair tone. This means the skin is protected from the detrimental effects of treatment. It also possesses one of the longest light beams allowing for quicker treatment sessions.



Lastly is the Diode which is a gentle laser able to eradicate hair while caring for the skin. This laser is able to cater to light to medium skin tones. Laser hair removal requires expert hands to give the best results. You find such expertise in rare gems like the https://touchuplaser.com/treatments/laser-hair-removal/ which offers the best laser hair removal services in Las Vegas.

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