Las Vegas Laser Hair Removal

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Las Vegas Laser Hair Removal

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Touch Up Laser

Las Vegas

The modern age doesn’t just mean flying cars and smartphones, or cat little boxes that clean themselves, it also means modern cosmetic treatments. Shaving, waxing, and tweezing have all been around for ages. They work fairly well for what they aim to accomplish, but there is a much easier way of doing things. Laser hair removal is the next step in beauty care, and it’s easier, safe, and faster than ever before. Traditional methods of hair removal having nothing on the laser technologies being produced to make your skin soft and touchable.

experienced med spa, they do it all (I’ve done acne scars removal and some laser hair removal)totally love this new spot in Vegas. right next to the new In N Out and Smith Shopping CenterGreat experience overall and nice new machines. I did my research and know to avoid older laser hair machines.
Jonathan Gonen
Jonathan Gonen
18:59 18 Dec 18
I found Touch Up laser through a recommendation from a friend and went in to take care of my underarm hair. The ladies thoroughly explained everything and Cindy conducted my procedure. She was wonderful, it went really quickly and painlessly, and the staff was amazing. I was told about a few rejuvenation procedures I could benefit from and will definitely be back to check those out.
Maria Velichko
Maria Velichko
19:51 18 Dec 18
I had multiple hair removal treatments done here and I can't recommend them enough. Friendly, welcoming staff and very professional. Also, their facility is new and everything is really clean. I was worried about the laser treatment hurting but I honestly felt no pain-it made the thought of coming in every few weeks a lot less daunting. I've been to other places for laser hair removal but this place is by far superior.
Ashley Azulay
Ashley Azulay
19:26 28 Dec 18
I was really tired of the daily hassle of shaving and sometimes waxing my legs and decided to try laser hair removal. I'm so happy I found this place and tried it! It was worth the cost because it has been a huge time saver and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about it.
Sivan Siman-tov
Sivan Siman-tov
19:40 28 Dec 18
This new Medspa is amazing. They have every treatment I could ever want from head to toe! They told me now is the perfect time to get all my laser needs done and that exactly what I'm going to do. Starting with their laser hair removal membership that makes it affordable to get every place I want and at the same time. Also, all my stubborn areas the gym isn't helping with, they can do! Time to start getting bikini ready for next summer now!!
Marlena Schoeter
Marlena Schoeter
23:41 14 Nov 18
Thank you Anthony @Touch Up Laser ; ) If you are looking for a well rounded professional who is as experienced as he knowledgeable this is the person you want to request an appointment with. The procedure I had done was the Venus Viva treatment. This is my first rodeo - so I had a lot of questions that YouTube could not answer; Anthony definitely lead me in the right direction as to what I am looking for, and the results I am looking to achieve. Anthony is very dedicated and will educate you on the 5 W's Who, What, Why and Where. In my case he was very patient in explaining things to me as well. You will not be disappointed with his skill set. If your an individual who has run the gamut with treatments, or a newbie like myself you will be pleased with the level of service he provides. Most definitely a person I would follow wherever he works. Thank you again Anthony!!! Knowledgeable, Caring and Charismatic all rolled up into one person - what else could you ask for.
Debra Vallejo
Debra Vallejo
23:52 29 Apr 19
Live in Summerlin, called around and did my homework. This med spa has best prices and the staff have good experience. Liked the result very much
Jonathan Adam
Jonathan Adam
14:48 14 May 19
Touch up laser is your one stop shop! they have so many laser treatment options to chose from, ive had hair removal and also a skin rejuvenation laser done on me and BOTH had really good results. They’re staff are amazing and very knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be returning for many more treatments! So happy I found them !
Brianna Rose
Brianna Rose
14:05 25 Mar 19
Anthony and the staggering staff here were absolutely amazing!!! So professional and helpful. I will recommend them to everyone I know. Great job!!
Steve Bickford
Steve Bickford
01:02 04 May 19
I got my second skin tightening treatment today, and I’m really looking forward to my next session. The customer service and staff are super sweet and nice. I can already see some progress on my arms! Highly recommend touch up for any laser treatments. Awesome place👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Deanne Vanwinkle
Deanne Vanwinkle
00:12 28 Mar 19

If you live in Las Vegas and are interested in laser hair removal, we invite you to contact us!

We’ll schedule your laser hair removal consultation to get you started on the easy road toward silky smooth skin, wherever you want it.

How It Works

laser hair removal for the upper lip

Unlike shaving, laser hair removal addresses the root of the problem. The laser targets the follicle, destroying it to the point that it prevents further hair growth. The darker the follicle the better, because it absorbs the light better, but the new laser technology allows us to target even light hairs, such as peach fuzz. There are almost no limits to what laser hair removal in Las Vegas can do.

You may need multiple treatments because your hair grows in cycles. Your hair grows in three different stages, and laser hair removal only address the hair in a certain stage. So you will need treatments scheduled at different times in order to get all of your hair as it reaches the optimal stage for removal. The pain during this treatment is extremely minimal. We don’t even need to applying a numbing agent, as most patients report that laser hair removal in Las Vegas feels similar to snapping a rubber band on your skin.

laser hair removal under arm Las Vegas NV
laser hair removal for the back for men

The Benefits of Permanent Laser Hair Removal

There are some obvious benefits associated with this treatment. The first is that you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time every day or a few times a week removing hair. That means no shaving, no waxing, and no tweezing.

We offer a solution that erases irritation from your skin, as laser hair removal does not cause ingrown hairs, and it also goes easy on your pocket book.

Traditional methods of hair removal require that you keep going back to the store to buy more supplies, but hair removal at our clinic only requires a few trips to achieve your desired results, saving you time and money.

The treatment only addresses the follicle, meaning your skin will not become irritated. Say goodbye to razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other frustrating side effects of traditional hair removal.

The follicle is burned out, which causes the hair to simply fall out on its own. No mess, no fuss, and it only takes us about an hour to finish the treatment, depending on the size of the area you want the hair removed from.

Laser Hair Removal vs Traditional Methods

The main difference between the best laser hair removal and traditional methods, is laser hair removal prices. Our treatment may cost more up front, but when you add up the cost of all of the hair removal produces you have ever purchased, and compare that with the cost of a few trips to our clinic, the results are astounding.

Our treatment is also pain free, which is more than can be said for pretty much any type of traditional hair removal. It does not cause any scarring or irregular pigmentation, and as we already mentioned your skin will be free from any irritation such as ingrown hairs.

How to Prepare for Your Laser Treatment

Since the treatment targets the follicle of the hair, the best way to achieve good results is to avoid waxing or plucking up to six weeks before treatment.

You have to make sure that the laser has enough follicle to burn or that hair will not be removed and will continue to grow. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to grow out your leg hair. Shaving is okay to perform, as that does not remove the follicle. Any traditional methods that do not remove the root are okay to use before treatment.

The laser makes your skin slightly more sensitive than usual, for a time, so it is a good idea to avoid excessive sun exposure while you are still being treated. Sunscreen is a must, or wear clothing that covers the treatment area when you go outside. We can recommend the best products to use after your laser hair removal treatment in Las Vegas.

Touch Up laser las Vegas clinic store front

Average Number of Treatments

As mentioned earlier, your hair grows in phases. It is unfortunately impossible to remove all of your hair in one session, which is why we will determine the possible number of treatments at your consultation. We want to make sure you know exactly what to expect. Some patients are done with treatment after three to seven sessions, but if you are particularly hairy you may need up to 12. It all depends on how much hair you have and what your desired results are. The back, legs, and arms, are the areas that typically need more treatments.

The results you desire are all up to you. If you have a hairy chest you may want only some of the hair removed. This would mean you would need less treatments to achieve what you want. If you are looking for complete hair removal, you may need more treatments. For example a woman tired of shaving her legs may need more treatments than a man who wants to thin out his arm hair.

The Best Candidate for Laser Hair Removal you are tired of traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, or tweezing, laser hair removal Las Vegas could be a solution for you. Candidates with light skin and dark hair will see better results than other candidates, but your eligibility based on your skin/hair color can be discussed further at your consultation.

The best candidates will avoid tanning before their treatment, as tanned skin makes it harder for the laser to get to the follicle to destroy it. Tanning includes sun bathing, self-tanner, and spray-on tanning products. The laser can be adjusted in order to better target light hair or hair on dark skin, but what or gray hair may not be suitable for this treatment.

Typically anyone who is unsatisfied with traditional methods of hair removal, who is looking for a pain free, cost effective way to remove unwanted hair is a good candidate for this treatment. Further qualifications can be discussed when you visit our clinic. What To Expect From Your Laser Hair Removal Session With Touch Up Laser


Excessive Hair Growth from Hormone Imbalance

Hirsutism is the technical name for excessive hair growth. Men and women who have this condition really do suffer from it, but laser hair removal may not be the right solution. Hirsutism needs to be properly diagnosed before you can undergo laser hair removal, as the wrong treatment for this hormone-related condition may exacerbate the situation.

Potential Side Effects

Immediately after treatment, your skin may feel similar to a sunburn. Slight reddening and blister can also occur, but these symptoms usually subside after a day or so. The satisfaction rate for this treatment is very high, which is why it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures.

Even though this treatment is capable of allowing permanent hair removal, most patients still experience slight hair regrowth. The hair is much thinner and lighter, but it is sometimes still possible for it to grow. The only serious side effects from this treatment that can occur usually happen in settings where the staff is not properly trained or the equipment is not up-to-date.

At our clinic, the one administering the treatment is always a licensed professionals, and we always use the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure your safety. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Schedule Your Hair Removal Consultation Today In Our Las Vegas Location!

If you are interested in this treatment, our staff is more than happy to answer any questions. We can get you scheduled for a consultation to discuss all of the specifics and to get you ready for treatment.

The best time to have this treatment performed is during the winter, right before it starts getting warm again, so don’t hesitate! Contact us today to schedule your consultation and move forward into the future of soft, smooth skin.


Most frequent questions and answers

Laser technology has drastically evolved over the years. At our clinic we use the most advanced technology, meaning it is fast, safe, and efficient. Painless is just another one of the perks when you visit us. Outdated technology is most likely to burn the surrounding skin, missing the follicle, which can cause damage as well as pain. Using outdated technology also means you will need more treatments. So if you visit us you will experience less pain and less treatments will be necessary.

At our clinic we believe in being upfront to our customers about our prices. The pricing of laser hair removal depending on how much area you need covered, which we can discuss at your consultation. We also offer financing options to Las Vegas residents, so you never have to worry about cost when you visit us. The cost of traditional hair removal methods adds up to more than laser hair removal, so the overall cost of our treatment vs the overall cost of traditional methods is always going to come out with laser hair removal Las Vegas on top.

Short answer: yes. Long answer: the laser technology is advanced enough to be able to target the follicle specifically. So even though burning does occur, it’s the hair that burns, not your skin. The treatment also moves slowly enough that if an adverse reaction does begin to occur, the technician can stop the treatment before anything worsens.

Both men and women can benefit from this treatment. Some hair colors are harder to target than others, but as previously mentioned we can adjust the laser to target different follicles and skin types, so we can determine your eligibility at your consultation. Clients of all skin tones have experienced great results. The only people who may not be able to receive this treatment are those with white, gray, or red hair. Always consult with us first before deciding against laser hair removal based on your hair or skin color, however, as we may still be able to treat you.

Virtually any area of the body can be treated. Anyone looking to reduce facial hair can benefit, as well as people looking for larger areas such as the arms, chest, back, or legs. Even people wanting to remove hair from around the genitals can be treated safely and effectively. Whatever your reasons and wherever you want the hair removed from, we can help.

This treatment is great for anywhere on your body, but especially for areas that are hard to reach. Men and women who want their back hair removed no longer have to ask their significant other to shave or wax for them, because now they can visit our clinic and experience hassle-free hair removal that is convenient, confidential, and easy.

No numbing cream is necessary! The laser we use is advanced enough that the pain felt is entirely benign, so you won’t need to undergo any numbing cream, needles, or other forms of anesthesia to have your unwanted hair removed. Less painful than waxing and tweezing, and more efficient than shaving, laser hair removal really is the best of all worlds.

The Best Laser Hair Removal Is One Call Away