What Is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery, also referred to as Mohs micrographic therapy, is among the most efficient and effective treatments for skin cancer. The majority of Mohs surgeons are professional dermatologists with rigorous training in Mohs surgical procedures: this means that they can also carry out operations like laser hair removal.

When conducting these procedures, the Mohs physician has the expertise to know how to pinpoint the cancerous cells better. This is usually more difficult with other forms of skin cancer procedures.

Mohs, pronounced “Moes,” has three significant benefits including:

  • The cure rate is very high.
  • Since a surgeon exclusively extracts the skin portion with cancerous cells, Mohs as a surgical procedure lets patients preserve as much “cancer-free skin” as possible.
  • This procedure comes in handy whenever skin cancer grows in body areas with minimal tissues underneath it, for instance, ear lobes or eyelids.


What’s The Procedure Of Getting Mohs Surgery?

If you’re looking to get a Mohs surgery from Touch Up Laser, first, you will consult with our qualified and skilled Mohs surgeon. A lot of the time, we make sure patients are conscious and aware throughout the operation. For this reason, our surgeons carry out Mohs surgeries effectively in a surgery suite or a physician’s office. They can only admit patients to the hospital in cases where the patients require extensive procedures.

Our surgeon will evaluate the region to be operated on and prepare you for surgery using anesthesia that specifically numbs the part that needs to be worked on. The operation then begins when the anesthesia goes into effect. Our surgeon subsequently removes the visible skin malignancy by sculpting a tiny amount of neighboring skin before bandaging you to keep you comfortable. The surgeon will then examine the excised skin underneath the microscope, looking out for any cancer cells. In case they discover any cells, they’ll remove an additional skin layer. They will perform the same procedure severally until they establish that cancer cells are no longer visible.

Beyond that, they’ll determine whether or not they should treat your wound once the cancer cells are eradicated. Particular wounds will recover without any need for sutures, while others require stitches. In some instances, patients may need a skin transplant or other surgery forms for the scars to heal and reduce in size. If a wound has to be treated, the Mohs surgeon at our premise will take care of it to ensure that you do not get any secondary infections.

When Do Surgeons Perform Mohs Surgery?

The Mohs procedure is mainly carried out on patients with BCC (basal cell carcinoma). Surgeons also commonly conduct the process on patients with SCC(squamous cell carcinoma ). Whenever physicians establish SCC or BCC in a patient, Mohs is likely to be recommended under these conditions;

  • Are the cancerous cells large in size or aggressive?
  • If the skin cancer is in an area where there isn’t much tissue underneath it, like the nose, eyelid, ear lobes, etc.
  • If a patient has recurrent cancer

But this procedure is not just limited to skin cancer. Mohs surgery can be used to treat ailments like extramammary Paget’s, DFSP, and Merkel cell carcinoma, which are all uncommon skin malignancies.

Our doctors are experts in Mohs micrographic procedures and surgical corrections of Mohs abnormalities. Visit our website at https://touchuplaser.com/ to learn more about our Mohs procedure and other dermatological procedures that we carry out.

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