What is the laser hair removal process

Exploring The Common Process Of Laser Hair Removal

Las Vegas laser hair removal has become a more popular way of reducing or eradicating unwanted hair from specific areas of the body. One of the biggest advantages of this procedure is that it presents no real risks and side effects and can be targeted to certain areas of the body for the best results. However, with laser hair removal procedure having become more common among men and women in recent times, there is a need to better understand what the procedure is all about, its promises and what you can expect in the aftermath of the procedure.


Most people have a negative misconception of the laser hair removal technique while others have an unrealistic expectation with regards to its effectiveness in dealing with unwanted hair. Below is some of the information you should know before submitting yourself for laser hair removal.

Removing Unwanted Hair With At Home IPL Lasers

The laser hair removal procedure has worked for several people, helping them regain their confidence and get rid of unwanted hair in the body. There are different types of laser equipment used to achieve this goal, one of which is the at-home IPL laser. While there have been many debates about the effectiveness of its results, it can be said that to some extent that the effect of the laser hair removal procedure is longer-lasting rather than permanent.


The results may be regarded as longer-lasting because it serves the purpose of hair removal by destroying the hair follicles in the target area making it hard for new hair to grow out. The hair follicle becomes dormant and over time falls out.


The preventive approach to hair growth is one of the major reasons why the effects of the hair removal procedure is rated high among others.

How Does It Work?

The laser hair removal procedure primarily works by concentrating high heat laser beams on target areas of the body. Light energy is converted to heat which damages the hair follicle upon exposure, thus preventing further hair growth from the target areas. The laser beams are non-harmful and gentle on the skin.


The process of laser hair removal starts with the heating of the beams to aid its effectiveness in getting rid of hair growth through its damaging effect on hair follicles. During the process, some may experience pain and in cases like this, it is recommended that local anesthetics be administered under the supervision of a well-trained expert or anesthesiologist.


Why Is The Treatment Process Important

Chances are high that you will not notice the effects of the procedure immediately. However, some clients have reported results in as fast as the second appointment. To get the most satisfactory results, specialists recommend a series of appointments and treatment sessions. In most cases, specialists may suggest as many as 12 sessions to guarantee complete results.

The average session for the best result in a laser hair removal procedure is between 8 and 12 sessions. A great advantage of this procedure is that it can be completed in as little time as possible.


In the aftermath of the procedure, it is recommended that you discuss some skincare routines with the specialist to ensure that you get the best result for your skin.


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